El poder de los microinfluencers

The Power of Micro-Influencers

Today it is extremely common for brands to include some kind of influencer activity as part of their social media marketing strategy. So, what happens when it is time to decide who you’re going to create your campaign with. Which is better: should you choose celebrities or anonymous users on social media? In this article, we want to highlight all the advantages of using tools such as SocialPubli.com, which connects micro-influencers with brands in order to build effective relationships.

What is a micro-influencer?

This term encompasses those users on social media who have modest communities of followers (less than 10,000 fans), but who have a very powerful voice as a spokesperson, since they only collaborate with brands they feel aligned with. In other words, these people only work with companies that are in line with their lifestyle and which share their same values.

How can this benefit a brand? Very simply: their role as a spokesperson is very relevant for everyone around them, like their friends, family, etc. Therefore, the recommendation which a micro influencer makes to their community has a qualitative impact on those in their close circle.

The success of this type of collaborator lies in the trust, the reach and the engagement that they generate in a very natural way. As a result, their recommendation is perceived as being sincere and therefore it is effective, and produces income in economic terms. This closeness to the community with which they communicate translates into quality impacts, which is so desired by the brands.

This is the main difference that micro-influencers have with celebrities: their transparency in recommending products or services. In many cases, we see stars on social media every day, publishing a post sponsored by a brand. This kind of saturation can be counterproductive: they are not perceived as authentic collaborators and therefore the users distance themselves from the brand.

How to create a profitable marketing strategy

Now that you know what micro-influencers are, it is time to begin creating an effective influencer marketing strategy:

Thanks to the categorization that the influencers themselves choose when they register on SocialPubi.com, the brands can identify the people who have the greatest affinity with their campaigns. Therefore, the impact that they receive thanks to that user sharing their content will be more qualitative: their community will perceive this as an honest recommendation.

Brands need to be authentic and transparent when it comes time to launch their messages. Therefore, these influencers become the ideal vehicle to share your campaigns. In this way, the brands achieve a digital “word of mouth” movement which is very effective.