trucos para salir bien en los selfies

Tips for looking good in selfies

Every good influencer must perfectly master the art of the selfie. A bad picture can toss out your average number of likes. That’s why we are revealing the best tricks to looking good in selfies, which will have your followers giving you a lot of “likes”.

  1. Choose the ideal angle. You must raise your smartphone about 45 degrees to get the perfect angle. Always remember that the main objective should be to hide the double chin.
  2. Do not look directly at the camera. You have to look at one of the corners of the camera in order to appear more natural. Celebrities always use this trick to get it right in selfies.
  3. Put your tongue on the palate. This tip is known as “The trick of teeging”. It consists of putting the tip of the tongue on the palate. There are no known scientific arguments which would confirm the reason for this, but we assure you that it will leave you looking much more attractive.
  4. Be careful with the background. It is important to prepare the scene for the photo. Bathroom and kitchen backgrounds are prohibited if you want to take a good selfie. On the other hand, smooth backgrounds or beautiful landscapes are a good option.
  5. Use natural light. You will always look better if you use sunlight as the lighting for your selfies.
  6. Practice the squinch. This is a great trick to get it right in selfies. It consists of squinting a little in order to transmit trust and self-confidence. At the same time, you should tilt your head a little to the side.
  7. Avoid outmoded poses. Among our tips for looking good in selfies is to banish the duck face  (The duck face is a combination of pursed lips and eyes wide open). It is also essential to leave aside any selfies giving prominence to a muscular arm, like Rafa Mora.

If this manual of how to look good in selfies does not convince you, you can always choose to leave the selfies aside and move to the world of the “belfies”. Do like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Beyoncé, and try to upload photos with your behind as the protagonist.