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Tips to program content on social networks

Organising yourself is key to succeed in social networks, and a way to succeed on this is programming content.

If you are an influencer you will know how useful it is to program your publications: it allows you to speed down a bit and set order in your content without having to do all at once.

But remember: you have to do things well and you cannot assume that programming is automatic. Here are some advices to program intelligently. Pay attention!

Arrange a realistic calendar

The good thing about a calendar is that it gives you an overview of what you need to do every day. The problem though is that we start planning and we get as far as two months ahead of the present day. In social networks a lot of content has to do with what is going on right now, so you have to bear in mind that what you publish might change to adapt to the trends of each moment.

Therefore we recommend that you do not go too far: make a calendar you can follow. The best thing? Program on a weekly basis, that is, only the contents for one week. If you have to add or take something out to include something new you will not need to rearrange a lot of things. This will allow you come out with more elaborated and updated content, and will make you be aware instead of relaxing by an excess of trust in your program.

Always check links and pictures

Most surely your content includes pictures and links, as this kind of content allows greater interaction. But there is no point in doing a great post for your blog if you include a broken link or the wrong picture on social networks. To avoid this, always preview and check links and pictures one more time after you have programmed them. You will remain more confident that your publications are flawless.

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Check your spelling too! Sometimes we write in a hurry and we make some mistake. Remember that if you program the post and we forget this, the content will we published like that! So give it a final deep look when you program something. It is always better to double check! ?

Make sure that everything has been published

Although programming is precisely meant to make your life easier, we have to be sure that everything is working out properly. We recommend you that before the day is over you spend 5 or 10 minutes making sure that everything has been published on the correspondent platforms. This can be easily done with your mobile phone, so if you realise something missing, it is easy to solve quickly.

Machines can fail, and programming is not perfect. If you do not check daily that everything is working fine, you could get a shock by the end of the week when you realise that some content is missing.

But if you take these three things into account, programming will be a lot more effective! What advice would you give to us? Share! :-)

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