Vídeos virales

Tips to make your video go viral

We all want our videos and marketing campaigns to go viral quickly. This ensures you that your message will reach a great deal of your audience without spending a single cent in promoting or on offline marketing campaigns.

Today 85.5% of internet users in Spain watch videos online, which is why many companies have found that viral videos is a real way to present their products or boost their corporate image in a more effective and direct way.

The best of online marketing? It self-promotes thanks to word-of-mouth, media or the users that like your video and share it on their own social networks.

But how do we make a video go viral?

Be original

First and foremost state clearly what you expect from your video, what are your goals and how will you carry them out.

People expect you to be creative. They will demand something new, surprising, and completely innovative. You have to try to get their attention in the first 10 seconds, otherwise they will probably stop watching it and they will not care about it anymore.

Video duration

It is not recommendable that videos are longer than one and a half minutes: the audience might get tired of watching.

If you need a longer video or if you want to generate more content, make two versions: a shorter one and a longer one.


Do not record the video with a random camera. Find instead a device that can record on high quality.

A lot of information today is viewed via our mobile devices, so it is important that the content displays nicely on any type of screen.

How to publish it

Remember that search engines are your best allies – it is important to create a good SEO.

For this, start by removing the indecipherable file name that your camera sets by default and name it after the content of the video.

The video title is the first thing people will come across, so find a good title that captures the essence of your video and make it easy to remember, adding a short and concise description.

Social networks

If we want our video to go viral, the first step is to publish it on our social networks. Therefore we have to analyse when are our users more active.

Think thoroughly about the message you will include when you post it: bear in mind that the goal is that the video is shared on social networks, the quicker the better, so try to make it short and clear.

Anyway, nobody has actually found the secret recipe to make a video go viral, but with creativity and if you follow these steps, we are sure you will meet your objectives ;).

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