Keys to position yourself on YouTube

Tips to position yourself on YouTube

Nowadays we have dozens of ways to reach the public with videos on the internet. However, there is a platform that reigns in this regard. Therefore, today we are going to tell you some tips to position yourself on Youtube and make your channel grow.

As in other platforms such as InstagramTwitterFacebook or LinkedIn, let’s start by looking at how to optimize your profile.

Steps to have a quality YouTube channel

Choose a main theme and define a target audience according to it. This means that unless you are an influencer and already deal with several topics on your social networks and you have created a faithful community that will see your videos whatever their subject matter, the most coherent thing is to choose a topic in which you are an expert, that can define yourself perfectly and exploit it.

In this sense, you can create a channel for series and movies or, if you want something more concrete, for example, Disney. Or video games with a specific theme. Anything. Try to adapt the trends of the YouTube world to your content.

To succeed on YouTube you must be clear about what differentiates you from others and exploit it. The audience does not want to see things that they already know or that remind them of something, they want originality and freshness. This does not mean that you can not observe what others do and learn from the rest, but that you must adapt all this to your style and give users reasons so that, among hundreds of videos, they choose yours.

“Hello beautiful” “beautiful people” are expressions by which a person automatically comes to mind. That is what we should try to achieve. For this, we must have consistent branding through our own greeting, using specific music, using an intro or outro created by ourselves and consistent with our content.

In addition to all this, it is very important to be consistent. YouTube rewards the regularity and consistency with which we upload a video. It is important to create a publication calendar and try to be consistent with it, not only with the day, but also with the hour. Think that if you upload a video every Tuesday at seven in the afternoon, your audience will be waiting for you.

But to have an audience waiting for you to upload content, it is important that you have created a community, something that will also reward the YouTube algorithm.

And how do we do this? Well, we must encourage the audience to subscribe and, for that, the best thing is to give reasons: soon I am going to do this, I have very interesting content prepared … Also, remind them to activate the “bell”. Choose a name for them to make them feel part of something. And finally, ask them to leave your comments. To encourage this participation, you can suggest, for example, a question: what do you like best about this or that and put it in comments.

Position your videos on YouTube

The first thing you will do when you sit down to prepare a video is to choose the theme. Here you should always think about matters of interest and in this sense you can choose seasonal material: talk about a current trend or controversy or something constant: an issue that is always sought.

Although it may seem obvious, choose an attractive title. That it is between 20 and 50 characters and that it contains some component of clickbait but in its proper measure. You should keep in mind that a good title can increase clicks and views significantly.

In relation to the title, you should not neglect the thumbnail: every segment of the video is worthy and you must work on it too. Use a thumbnail in which you show an exaggerated expression, respect the graphic style you use in all miniatures and use graphic styles such as arrows, circles or emojis. All in order to make your thumbnail stand out from the rest.

Youtube rewards engagement and if users interact with your content, they will consider it to be something interesting. To do this, use the techniques that we have recommended before. You can always resort to “if you want me to do this, leave it to me in the comments”. It will also help you to create a community, making them see that you are interested in what they think.

 Choose tags that are related to the content you are uploading. If YouTube detects that what you comment on the audio appears in the title and the labels, it will consider it relevant and will position it.

This tip will not only help you ranked, but it will also help monetize your video and it’s something you’ve probably already heard: make videos that are longer than 10 minutes. It positions better since it will keep users on the platform longer and this YouTube likes, because it wants people to stay on its website.

Finally, experiment and learn from your analytics. It is important to improve it. You can see which themes have worked best, as well as understand which thumbnails or titles provide the highest CTR.