Twitch Plays: Exclusive Twitch video games

It’s just like the name says:  “Twitch plays”’. Twitch users, collectively, play these games that are being broadcast on Twitch’s live stream.

It all started with “Twitch Plays Pokémon”, a social experience that revolutionized the platform. In a live Pokémon Red stream, the users were the ones who controlled the character. In the chat they wrote “Right” or “Start” and the game reacted to the command. It’s obvious that chaos ruled the game, which lasted more than 16 days (consecutive!).   They released Pokémon, the character crashed into doors, the names were ridiculous …

But the love of chaos and the collective experience made more than one million users participate in the game. Subsequently, the project has been followed by other versions.

Twitch saw the attraction of this, so they provided a category in which streamers could make up their own inventions and create new collaborative play styles.

A game can be part of Twitch Plays when:

  • The game runs on live stream and the commands are automatic, without anybody controlling it.
  • There are interactive experiences in which the Twitch audience takes control of the character’s actions in the game.
  • There are an unlimited number of participants.

Twitch Plays that were successful

  • Marbles game – Each user has a marble with his name and design and goes for a tour. At random, one will win. It seems silly and … it is. But it is very successful!
  • Twitch plays … Dark Souls – The game, known for its high level of difficulty, faced a new challenge. Being controlled by thousands. For the game to be able to go on, it was paused every time an action was taken to allow the chat to vote on the next move. After 706 deaths, they managed to defeat the final boss.
  • Twitch Plays PUBG – This is an online game, so it could not be paused. Here you can see how they dodged bullets. By the way, they once ended up third!

  • Clawarcade – Someone bought a claw machine and programmed it so his movements would respond to Twitch. Difficult to imagine? Here you have it:

  • Fish Plays Pokemon – OK, it cannot be considered as a “Twitch Plays”, but we want to honor the efforts of the Grayson fish to get to Green City.