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What are NanoInfluencers?

What are NanoInfluencers?

We’ve been talking for a long time about microinfluencers and how great they are, but lately there’s a distinction within them, the nanoinfluencers, with less than 1,000 followers. Do we see how they can help in an influencer marketing strategy?

Who are nanoinfluencers?

Nanoinfluencers are normal people with a follower base of acquaintances and relatives of no more than 1,000.

Even if they don’t have thousands and thousands of followers, their audience really trusts them. Nanoinfluencers publish on their social networks honestly, talking about a movie they liked, showing their food or sharing content that interests them. Their audience interacts with them and actively listens to them.

That’s why if you talk about a product launch, for example, your message will have a lot of influence on your followers. Also, by having a close relationship with them, it is common for them to be asked more questions, and a natural conversation is created about the product. It is the word of mouth of social networks.

The fact of having few followers becomes a great opportunity for advertisers, and for the users themselves, who can earn money with their social networks, even if the payment is lower or is based on free products.

What is the difference between nanoinfluencers and microinfluencers?

As you can see from our graph, the fewer followers, the more interaction (generally). This authenticity is the main advantage of the nano and microinfluencers, whose connection with their community can be seen in the engagement rate.

Thus, advertisers can hire several microinfluencers instead of two celebrities and get much more interaction from interested communities, for the same price.

And where does a microinfluencer end and a macro start? We usually separate them that way:

<1000 – NanoInfluencer

<10.000 – MicroInfluencer

<100.000 – MacroInfluencer

<1MM – Influencer Top

+1MM – Celebrity

Depending on the country, this distinction changes. For example, in China someone with 100,000 followers is considered an average influence.  And for some, a nanoinfluencer will not become an influence, but we always argue that #AllWe AreInfluencers, because it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

Success story of nanoinfluencers

At we specialize in this type of influencers, and we already have more than 100,000 registered on our platform, spread across 35 countries.

Nanoinfluencers are especially good at being a trending topic on Twitter and reaching microsegmented audiences. On the other hand, Instagram is accompanied by one of the best engagement rates.

Some time ago we worked with the household appliance brand AEG to give visibility to their messages through a campaign of retuits and shared on Facebook.

In addition, to support their documentary ‘Saborología’, we looked for niche influencers such as psychology professors, gastronomic chemists or instagrammers, who had to share recipes and activate the conversation with their followers. Thus, new ways of cooking were discovered, transmitting the innovative spirit of AEG. So were the results of the campaign:

How to become a nanoinfluencer?

As we said before, when it comes to followers, size is not what matters. Being popular is not the same as being influential. Cristiano Ronaldo may reach a lot of people, but what advertisers will achieve with him is that, to reach a large audience.

In the case of microinfluencers, on many occasions, the followers know each other personally, something that helps when believing in their recommendations.

Following this logic, the followers of nanoinfluencers are composed almost exclusively of acquaintances, relatives, and friends. They have similar interests and often talk about films and other products they have liked.

So you know, you’re already nanoinfluencer! All that’s left is to start harnessing the potential of your influence and start making money from your social networks. You know where to sign up for ????