Empezar a crear un blog

Why create a blog?

They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be personal or corporate. Blogs have gone beyond any known boundaries. Some people have even become famous thanks to their blogs.

We are sure that a friend of yours has at some point told that “you should start a blog”, and you know that he or she is right. Today could be a perfect day to start one. But why?

To make yourself known

A blog is your internet persona to create a digital identity. Show others what you do best. You can use your blog to express yourself as you are, writing about what you like most. Any company or customer could contact you thanks to your contents.

A blog for companies helps them reinforce their corporate image and increase customer’s loyalty, as they will see the blog as a closer form of contact. This will result in an increase in sales.

Search engine ranking

If you are interested in ranking your website, do not hesitate to complement with a blog. Google will love this and will trust you more, which in turn will help you have a better ranking. It is also perfect to promote your brand.

Diana, posicionarse en Google

Show your creativity

A blog means freedom. You can write about what you want and structure it the way you like. Show all what you know, you never know who is reading.

You can also try to make something new to get more followers. Boost your creativity.

A blog will make you learn

As you write about what you like, you will also learn. It will help you become more organised and structured. Your writing style will become more synthetic and engaging. At times you will have to do some research about the topic, so you will learn a lot.

And if you start having many followers you can include ads to your blog, which will increase your income.

Know other user’s opinions

Follow different users and interact with them. You will soon receive your first comments. This will let you know what other users think about your blog and thus promote it.

Take negative comments as constructive criticism and with time you will become an expert on the field, who knows? You may become a famous blogger one day.

All said, blogs are the trend. If you do not have one yet, what are you waiting for?

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