Boca a boca marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing, the most important social network

Boca a boca marketing

The oldest advertising strategy known to mankind is word-of-mouth, and it has always been the most efficient way to attract new customers.

Why is it so? Very simple: the recommendation of a person that is close to you makes you feel reassured, it gives the product a different perspective and we do not risk trying it and feeling disappointed, because someone we trust in has told us that the product is worth it.

This is as natural as necessary for brands, which always bear this in mind. In line with the different planned marketing strategies, marketing through recommendation has also evolved.

This is where WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) comes from. Its efficiency has been tried, and brands should focus on this strategy, especially if Forbes magazine recognises it as the most important social network. Now there’s no excuse to say no.



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Reliable and efficient from the start. Word-of-mouth is based on consumers’ trust, so when a friend or relative recommends a product, it becomes 100% reliable.

Create a positive brand image. One of the main goals of brands is that their users talk nicely about them, so word-of-mouth is the final test for reputation.

The brand or product can go viral thanks to word-of-mouth marketing. The more people talks about it, the better for the brand.

It is cheap. It is not necessary to spend all the budget in word-of-mouth marketing. You have to make a product that the clients like and which makes them go through a positive experience.

To sum up: if you learn about what others have tried you can ensure yourself success.