Work with micro-influencers and create memorable campaigns


Some years ago, we started listening about a new marketing term called influencer marketing, and we could say that, that term has evolved and is different now. Nowadays, the influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics for businesses to promote their services and products.  In this matter, there is an influencer strategy for small companies to make their businesses grow.

In the past, people would associate influencers with stars, people that have millions of followers on their social networks. But now, almost everyone is an influencer as people have the power of communicating and recommending products or services on their social media. There are different ranges of influencers: Nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities.

Work with influencers and create memorable campaigns

But without a doubt it has been demonstrated through campaign results that micro-influencers and Nano-influencers are connecting with consumers on a much deeper level. The communication usually sounds more natural and personalized, which is good for brands that want to connect with their audiences.

Micro and Nano influencers bring authenticity to their messages which is translated later in good results when measuring the engagement rates.

What are Micro and Nano influencers?

A Micro or Nano influencer is an influential personality within Social Media, but on a much smaller scale than a celebrity. This type of influencers has a presence on social media, they have a strong reputation between their followers. They usually have between 1000 and 9.999 followers (Nano-influencers) and between 10.000 and 100.000 followers (Micro-Influencers).

This type of influencers is good for creating brand awareness and improve the engagement rate. These influencers are more connected with their audiences, as they interact a lot with their followers because they have a manageable number of interactions.


Why working with micro-influencers is good for your brand?

When saying that working with micro-influencers is an excellent option, it does not mean that working with a macro-influencer is bad for your brand. Simply put, macro-influencers have a massive but shallower reach, while micro-influencers have a smaller reach but can penetrate much more into their followers’ minds. It is pretty much determined on the campaign your brand wants to create.

Micro-influencer campaigns have risen by 300% since 2016. The opportunity for your brand behind micro-influencer marketing is that this type of influencers gives an added value: their creativity and closeness; This allows the influencer to connect with their followers naturally and strengthen brands’ relationship. It is like receiving and advice to buy or use a product or service from one of your closest friends rather than an advertising collaboration between brands and influencers.

People believe, interact and trust the closest influencers, with whom they feel an affinity

How to find the perfect Micro or Nano influencer?

In SocialPubli we count we a database with more than 160.000 influencers around the world, that allow us to find the best influencers for each campaign. Through the platform, the brand can find the influencers that better suit the message it wants to convey. The platform is segmented by categories which facilitates the influencer selection process for brands.

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