Youtubers or Influencers, children’s new favourite profession

A few years ago children dreamed of being astronauts, football stars, policemen… But now everything has changed.

In a labor market destined to be affected by technology, children have been the first to adapt. The desire to be celebrities, football stars or formula 1 stars and even participants in television programs is still there, but without a doubt, the favorite profession of the little ones in the house right now is that of youtuber or influencer.

According to a study by the company Lingokids, a digital platform for children specializing in learning English, which a few months ago coinciding with International Children’s Day presented a survey related to the work aspirations of children, this profession has crept among the five preferred for children between 2 and 8 years.


According to this study, in Spain 64% of children under 8 years old have their own Tablet or Smartphone, 52% use it daily and 43% for at least 6 hours a week.

Another important piece of information is found when analyzing the content that our children access: almost a third of those who enter the internet do so to watch YouTube videos, followed by film and cartoon platforms and thirdly by video games.

All this makes it almost automatic that the profession of youtuber or influencer is among the favorites of children today.

What to be when you grow up?

While the main aspiration of children remains to be sportsman (26%), doctor or police (both 22%), in the Lingokids survey 16% of Spanish children have claimed to want to be youtuber or influence.



Surprisingly, this trend is the same as that described by similar surveys analyzing the wishes of children from other nearby countries. Although with small differences, the distribution of the percentages is practically the same.

The most comprehensive study was carried out a few months ago in the United Kingdom, promoted by University College London and the OSCE. The research analyzed the responses of more than 13,000 British children between the ages of seven and eleven who had been asked about their professional aspirations.

Fourth, the children indicated a desire to have a career linked to ‘social networking and video games’. Other professions that until a few years ago topped this special ranking have been relegated to minority positions. The dream of becoming a singer or musician in the ninth place, while being an actor reaches only the thirteenth position.

According to the researchers who participated in the study, this is primarily because, among an increasing number of children, YouTube celebrities and online gamers have replaced the popularity of star system celebrities who used to fill the pages of magazines or TV shows.

Professions for children

The forms of communication change: professional ambitions are immediately marked by the screens, whether TV or Internet; a change largely due to new methods of communication and the increase in console games or online.

Although this culture centered on the “notoriety” brought by YouTube constitutes a problem or at least a phenomenon to think about, it is necessary to recognize that these new types of work exist and are increasingly frequent. Videobloggers (for whom the neologism vloggers have been created), videogame designers and professional videogame players increasingly represent a valid professional option for the future of children and young people.

According to recent studies, in terms of income, the video game sector has now surpassed the film sector. A study on education levels, published last year always in the United Kingdom, revealed that the British youtuber Zoella, 27 years old, a new icon of teenagers, is already better known than classic authors of heroic fantasy literature, which attracted so many young people, like Tolkien. Zoella, has become famous as a “vlogger” of fashion and beauty. Her first YouTube channel has 12 million followers and her second channel is reaching 5 million.

Vloggers, professional players, and videogame designers are therefore increasingly valid career options and also those that, at this time, have more possibilities of continuing to exist, in a future where the rhythms will mark the Youtubers, influence or the vloggers themselves.


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