Could the powerful ChatGPT represent the end for Google?

ChatGPT is a chat system based on the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence language model, developed by the OpenAI company. This model with more than 175 million parameters, and trained with large amounts of text, could mean the beginning of the end for Google, the search engine par excellence until now.

This advanced ChatGPT has been trained to hold conversations with anyone. Its algorithms should be able to understand what you are asking precisely, including adjectives and variations that you add to your sentences, and to answer you in a coherent way.

In addition, this chat system is capable of giving you very accurate and complete answers, even of several paragraphs. In addition, in these answers he is able to express yourself naturally and with very exact information, which makes it very difficult to distinguish that the text has been generated by AI.

ChatGPT is so powerful and capable of generating complete and informed responses that many experts dare to predict that it could kill Google and similar search engines. However, in many subjects it is imprecise, especially in names and some concepts.

How to use ChatGPT?

Having conversations with ChatGPT  is really easy. The only thing you have to do is:

✅  Enter the official web,

✅  Create an account on OpenAI, which is free, and the chat too.

✅ Once you log in you will enter the chat. In it, at the bottom you will have the bar where you write what you want.

✅Before starting you will see some examples in English of things you can ask him, but remember that you can also ask him questions in Spanish, and ask him to speak to you in Italian or any other language you prefer.

🟠 When using it, it is good that you experiment with different types of requests to explore all the functions of the AI.

🟠 Remember that everything you write will be recorded, and can be reviewed later by the OpenIA developers to continue training ChatGPT.

🚫 In this sense, we recommend that you do not include personal information or requests that are potentially dangerous or criminal, nor any type of banking information.

Will Google be overshadowed?

In these last decades Google

and its search engine have been the parents and dominators of the way in which we consume information on the internet. Around this hegemony, a way of monetizing and doing business on the Internet has been configured: positioning yourself first to appear in Google searches.

The media live on Google to a large extent, millions of companies around the world too, the same number of professionals.

In this sense, Juan González Villa, SEO consultant and author of USEO, one of the reference blogs in the web positioning sector, believes that one of the main limitations that ChatGPT still has today clearly on Google or any search engine: the lack of internet connection and that their learning is based on a dataset that at the moment only goes up to 2021, which makes it useless for finding out about the latest news or aspects.

In addition, he comments that today he does not cite any source, nor therefore does he link, since he does not have a web index as Google does. This is not trivial, since in the many experiments these days it has also been proven that ChatGPT3 is wrong and gives wrong information.

But is Google seeing this coming? Of course. González assures that Google is by no means outside of AI, but that at the moment it seems to be cautious with its implementation.

That said, for the moment and despite the impact that ChatGPT is causing, Google does not seem to feel its business model is under threat, although it will surely be preparing a disruptive change that will keep it as the benchmark for search engines.

Characteristics of Google vs ChatGPT

👉 One of the main differences between Chat GPT and Google is that Chat GPT was designed to be a more advanced chatbot, capable of learning from user conversations and improving over time.

👉 On the other hand, Google is primarily a search engine that offers a variety of services in addition to its core functions. Also, while both platforms offer instant search results and suggestions based on user input, Google is much faster and more accurate in its search results.

👉 Another key difference between Chat GPT and Google is that Chat GPT focuses specifically on the development of artificial intelligence, while Google offers a wide range of products and services beyond the capabilities of the search engine.


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