Christmas Social Media Campaigns

2020 Christmas Social Media Campaigns

The brightest time of the year is now here. Christmas has invaded the streets with twinkling lights, and marketing agencies are preparing for one of the biggest advertising campaigns of the season. This year everything will be more digital than ever, so the brands must focus on online channels. Influencers have become a key factor for brands in their social media strategies. SocialPubli, influencer agency NYC based, specializes in influencer marketing that connects advertisers with the influencers who will help them successfully reach their target audience.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are preludes to Christmas shopping and many brands have already taken advantage of these dates to develop their social media campaigns withc influencers to start heating up engines and boost sales. If you still don’t know how to get customers to notice you and your products in a natural way, continue reading this post.

The 12 Days of Christmas on Social Media

One of the tricks in marketing is to get the customer to stay alert, and the 12-day campaign is the perfect format to create this uncertainty. In short, it is a kind of advent calendar in which interesting content or information is revealed every day, whether it be promotions, daily giveaways of prizes or gifts. The ultimate goal of this Christmas social media campaign is to increase participation of potential customers, and consequently sales through incentives.

Traditionally, “The 12 Days of Christmas” run from December 25th to January 5th. However, many businesses decide to start this campaign a few days before the festivities to encourage sales for Christmas gifts. In fact, it is most common for campaigns to be prepared starting from four weeks before Christmas, known as Advent, which begins four Sundays before Christmas and ends on the 24th of December.

The good part about this concept is that on digital channels, we have many possibilities to play with creativity and make an impact on our potential clients. Generating engagement and loyalty to brands is one of the main advantages this tactic offers. Think of an advent calendar where every day you get a new chocolate. That’s exactly the kind of effect we need to achieve, in order to make the customer await that daily incentive. You can also integrate more interaction through contests or games that increase loyalty to the brand and make people come back for more. Now that you know some tricks, it’s time for some original and creative ideas to develop your social media marketing strategy.

Best Christmas Social Media Campaigns with Influencers

With so many publications it can be difficult for your campaign to stand out, so brands must bring out their full potential at this time. One of the best options to make your ads stand out from the rest is to use influencers for your promotions, since their messages are much more attractive and easily introduced into their daily social media consumption. Here are some of the advantages of including influencers in your Christmas marketing campaigns:

  • Your campaign will achieve greater reach, reaching a much wider target audience. Influencers already have a solid community, so it is the best way to spread your message en masse.
  • They give more credibility to your products or services, and generate trust in your business. Product reviews work very well because the user can see first-hand how your product or service works. Christmas campaigns are the perfect occasion to promote your trustworthiness because consumers want to get their gifts right and it is not a time to take risks.
  • They help generate engagement with your brand and reinforce branding.
  • They provide valuable content. It is one of the best ways to produce attractive, interesting and quality content for the audience who sees the ad. It is much more likely that the potential customer will keep the name and characteristics of your brand in mind and come to it when they think about what to purchase.

Ideas for your Social Media Christmas Campaigns

It’s clear that influencers can help amplify the effectiveness of Christmas social media campaigns, but how do we get our message into their feeds? Here are some of the ideas that work best, that will make the customer interact with your brand and increase your sales.

1. Temporary products

Launch of special products for a limited time. One of the techniques that works best in neuromarketing is to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity for the consumer. It’s been proven that when temporary products are launched, they sell more than average. Influencers can help you communicate the dates when they’re available and how they can be obtained.

2. Special discounts

Create a special discount during the days before Christmas. Users can enjoy this discount by using a code that’s applied during checkout. Create a discount code and have influencers promote it on their accounts. This way you can track the success of the discount code and see if that influencer’s profile works for you for future campaigns.

3. Create your own hashtag

Hashtags help to reinforce brand image. It’s a good way to viralize content and make your brand known. If an influencer uses your hashtag, it will maximize reach and is a good method to promote new products or special promotions.

4. Christmas competitions

This is a very simple action which makes people interact a lot with your brand. One idea is to create a gift voucher or a batch of products from your brand that will be delivered on Christmas Day. Usually, influencers can upload a post to their feed and challenge their community to participate in the contest. Creativity can lead you to create a fun contest, which also provides value and entertainment to users.

5. Christmas Raffles

This is more or less the same strategy as competitions. This type of action is an excellent option for maximising reach. You can ask the influencer to encourage their followers to share their post in stories so that the publication will have a much greater impact.

Now that you know how to develop social media campaigns with influencers, get to work and get creative! The more impressive your actions are, the more customers they will and the more sales possibilities you will have. It’s important to have influencer agencies who can help you choose the profiles that best suit your brand and needs in order to reach your target audience. Tell us what you think in the comments.