the best tiktok hashtags for 2024

The best tiktok hastags

Growing on TikTok is becoming challenging because none really understands the algorithm. Questions like it’s important to post certain hours? Does shadow ban actually exist on Tiktok? or how hashtags do I have to use? are really common and difficult to answer. 

Well in this article we are going to teach you how to use hashtags to grow and extend your reach, audience and engagement this 2024. 

Using the right hashtags is vital to grow and reach the right audience.

trending tiktok hastags

What are Tiktok hashtags?

Hashtags are your best friend for sorting and finding content on Tiktok. Created using the “#” symbol, Tiktok hashtags are attached to topics or things you post on tiktok and become clickable and searchable.

Creating great TikTok content is one thing; getting people to actually look at it is another. But if you can use hashtags in the right way, you’ll conquer the app. 

Here’s how to master the art of the TikTok hashtag to ensure your account marketing strategy will make an impact and will be seen by your target audience. 


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Best TikTok hashtags to grow in 2024

These are the best tiktok hashtags to grow in 2024. Consider this list a good starting point.

  1. #fyp 
  2. #foryou 
  3. #viral 
  4. #foryoupage 
  5. #tiktok 
  6. #fy 
  7. #trending 
  8. #funny 
  9. #duet 
  10. #comedy
  11. #love 
  12. #meme 
  13. #tiktokindia 
  14. #funnyvideos 
  15. #learnontiktok 
  16. #music 
  17. #video 
  18. #like 
  19. #memes 
  20. #cute
  21. #prank 
  22. #fun 
  23. #follow 
  24. #aesthetic 
  25. #tik_tok
  26. #tiktokuni 
  27. #tiktokviral 
  28. #tiktok_india 
  29. #happy 
  30. #new
  31. #tiktoker 
  32. #foodtiktok 
  33. #viralvideos 
  34. #followme 
  35. #live 
  36. #dancer 
  37. #repost 
  38. #tiktoklover
  39. #funk 
  40. #tiktokphilippines 
  41. #tiktoktravel 
  42. #tiktokchallenge 
  43. #funfacts 
  44. #likeforlike 
  45. #dancetutorial
  46. #levelup 
  47. #like4like 
  48. #viralpost 
  49. #followforfollowback 
  50. #follow4follow

How many hashtags should we use on TikTok?

The TikTok limit for captions is 2,200 characters. This allows the creator to explain in the video descriptions details and keywords. This improves their content’s discoverability in search. But speaking about hashtags sometimes less is better and on Tiktok you should use between 2 and 5 hashtags per video.

Recently Tiktok has add an AI captions generator which allows to create better captions and using the right hashtags for your videos!

5 Benefits of using hashtags in your TikTok strategy

1. Increase visibility

Adding hashtags to your captions can help you get your content in front of TikTok users who doesn’t follow your account already. When you use a hashtag people are more likely to see your content, and if they like your content you could gain followers of your target audience.

2. Boost engagement

Using hashtags will increase your visibility on the app and this could also translate to higher engagement rates. When more people see your TikTok content, there’s a chance many of them would want to engage with it by liking or commenting and if they can relate with it there are higher chances that they might follow you. 

3. Identify competitors

Check on your competitors. This is a great way to identify competitors and see what they are doing and which hashtags are performing well in their content.

4. Get inspired

Searches for category-specific hashtags will bring up results for top-performing content relevant to the hashtag and viral content. This will give you a sense of which content is getting viral and performing well in that specific topic or trend.  Also you can get inspired by other videos or competitors. 

5. Jump in on trends

TikTok trends come and go, but it is super important to adapt your content to the trends. When you create content based on trending hashtags, you’re showing your followers that your account is fun and relevant.

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