how many followers tiktok to get paid

How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

Whether you are a TikTok influencer (or want to become one), or you are looking for content creators to promote your brand through the platform, this post is essential for you to read. One thing is clear: if you want to get paid through this app, you don’t need to have a huge community of followers, but you should follow certain steps in order to make your content relevant. Also, the best way to manage everything is through a TikTok influencer agency that will help you and support you in the process.

TikTok is still a fairly new platform compared to Instagram, where content creators are already well-established and the rules of the game are clear. However, the TikToker phenomenon has hit us with full force this year. We can see many profiles, especially from very young people, who are true brand ambassadors with very high levels of engagement. In this article, we will tell you how you can get paid with your TikTok profile and how much money you can make on the platform.

How to make money from TikTok

1. Understand your audience

This is the first and most important step to start creating content on TikTok. You have to understand that you are creating content for an audience, so you must know what users want and adapt your content to their desires. Also, as on any social media platform, there are rules: don’t upload offensive content and respect the community’s values.

2. Make a unique TikTok profile

Why should they follow you? What added value can you bring? Some people are good at singing, others are good at dancing, and others using their sense of humor and creativity can create truly original content. You can also focus on giving advice, creating bits on topics you are good at or sharing your daily life in a new format. You have everything you need to succeed. You just have to focus on one type of content and go for it. It is easier to succeed if you are focused on a group of people than if you try to please everyone with too much diverse content.

3. Interact with your audience

This point is closely linked to the last two. It’s about listening to your followers, giving them the content they ask for, talking to them, answering them, etc. We all want the people we follow to take us into account and feel like part of their community. That’s why Q&A rounds are so successful because your followers also want to know about you and connect with your personal life.

4. Get more followers

As we said before, you don’t need to have a lot of followers to start making money from TikTok. At SocialPubli we believe in the power of microinfluencers, as their content is much more reliable for their followers and they have higher engagement. Creating campaigns for TikTok is very easy if you register on our platform. It’s true that you don’t need a minimum number of followers to start making money, though the platform has recently launched The TikTok Creators Fund. To be part of this project you need to have 10,000 followers, among other requirements.

5. Create consistent content

On the one hand, it is important to upload content regularly. For example, you can upload something special or more elaborate content on a specific day of the week, so that your followers will be waiting for it and will save, share or create alerts to go see your video. On the other hand, it’s important for your videos to have a similar aesthetic or pattern because that will define your style.

6. Promote your content on other social networks

If you already have an established community on other social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube, or if you have a blog, you can promote the content you create on TikTok on these other platforms to attract followers. If your followers love what you do on your other accounts, they will also want to know what you are creating on TikTok, even if it is a different format.

How many followers do I need to get paid by TikTok? 

It is estimated that it’s possible to earn 2 to 3 cents per 1,000 views. So, to win 30 euros, we will need our video to have more than one million views. Going viral is one of the ways you can reach that number. You can achieve this by doing an original hashtag challenge.

In September the platform launched The TikTok Creators Fund, for which they allocated a fund of 60 million euros for thousands of creators across Europe. The aim of this project is to reward TikTokers for their talent and creativity with money. The requirements to join are: be over 18 years old, have more than 10.000 followers,  have more than 10.000 views in the last 30 days and publish original content according to the TikTok community standards.

Other ways to make money from TikTok 

Once you have followed the previous steps and have a trusted community that loves your content, you now have several ways to make money from TikTok.

Holding a live session and collecting donations online from followers is another way to make money on TikTok. The money you earn will depend on the number of people who have seen it. During the broadcast, your fans can send virtual gifts bought with “coins”. These gifts are converted into diamonds once they are sent to the livestreamer, which will be exchanged for real money that’s is deposited directly into your PayPal account. TikTok begins paying you starting from 1500 followers, so as your subscribers increase, they will pay you more money. It is estimated that Tik Tok pays around US$ 100 for every 10,000 followers for live shows.

But one of the easiest and most effective ways to get money from TikTok is through sponsors. You can get in touch with them through an agency that connects advertisers with Influencers, adapting to both parties’ needs. There are several ways to do these promotions. They can be direct or indirect. For example, you can collaborate with a brand by unboxing their products or become an ambassador by appearing in some of their videos with clothes or accessories from their brand.

As you can see, there’s more than one way to start getting paid on TikTok. There are several ways to make a living with your creativity and talent by creating videos on this platform.