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How to work with influencers so your Instagram campaigns will be winners

If you’re planning to start an ad campaign on social media using influencers as the spokespersons for your brand, it’s important to keep in mind some of the important tips on working with them that we’re going to share with you below.

  • Emphasize with Influencers!  Put yourself in their shoes! Picture yourself as the influencer or micro-influencer that you want to have work on your campaign.  They want to earn money using social media, but you need to convince them to want to work on your campaign.  So think about how you would like to have someone to offer you a campaign?  What would be attractive to you if you were an influencer? If they do participate, will the influencer bring interesting content to your audience?
  • Direct your campaigns to the right influencers.   A technology influencer is not going to feel comfortable if you try to convince him to work on a campaign for some new brand of tea with a picture of a young girl.   As we said, influencers and micro-influencers want to make money on social media, but it’s important that the content of the campaign be in line with their profile.  Not only for them, but also for you as the advertiser, since this is how you’ll achieve better results.  It is essential that you visualize your target group.
  • Listen to the proposals from the influencers.  They are the ones who know their audience best and know what’s going to be most effective with their followers.  You might have designed an Instagram campaign which includes the publication of a specific video by the influencers you’ve selected for the campaign.  But it’s possible that one of them may want to post a picture instead of a video, because they know that this will get better results.  Listen to what they have to say.
  • Respect the style of the influencers.  It is more than likely that the influencers in your campaign will already have an esthetic line which they’ve developed over the span of their careers on Instagram.  If one of the spokespersons you want to  participate in your campaign is accustomed to publishing their posts in a rose tone, then try to adapt to that characteristic if possible.  This is how you’ll achieve an impact which is more natural and spontaneous and, therefore, you’ll see better results:   fundamental in creating your ad campaigns on social media using influencers.

There are a number of factors you need to consider when you’re ready to launch your ad campaign on social media.  This is why many brands decide to use the experience of platforms which are specialized in this area. At, we work everyday to communicate extremely effectively with micro-influencers to make sure your social media campaign will be a complete success.