Black Friday

Influencer campaigns during Black Friday

It’s been several years now since Black Friday arrived in Spain and its popularity just continues to grow.  The tradition of Black Friday comes from the U.S. and is held the day after Thanksgiving.  Black Friday is the last Friday in November and the day when Christmas shopping officially begins.  Brands take advantage Black Friday to launch huge sales on their products.

During the weeks leading up to the big day, shoppers create their “wish lists”, waiting for Black Friday to arrive.  Many brands take advantage of this and begin to offer sale prices even before Black Friday.   There are signs in store windows, ads on TV, banner ads on the Internet, and of course, there’s influencer marketing.

Influencers and micro-influencers are the new accomplices in this celebration.  Companies take advantage of their popularity in order to share discounts with their followers and reach their target audience.  The loyalty which these influences have with their followers means that brands can reach a larger audience, generating engagement and credibility.

That’s why here at we’re analyzing what brands are doing on the social media platform during Black Friday, and what the response is of the influencers and their followers.

Influencer campaigns during Black Friday

Just as Ismael El Qudsi, CEO of, said in his interview on TVE (Television de Espana), “From Black Friday to Christmas is when we see the greatest amount of work and the greatest number of influencer advertising campaigns, because that’s when all the brands turn to the Internet”.    And just in the week prior to Black Friday, campaigns on this social media platform have increased 25%, with more than 20 active campaigns built around the day and 590 influencer messages talking about Black Friday.

Even though the most sought-after products on Black Friday tend to be in technology and home appliances, the other sectors are not far behind. Fashion and beauty are special favorites of influencers when it comes time to participate in Black Friday campaigns.

In one fashion campaign alone, there were over 7,000 interactions and a 110,000 audience reach in just one day.  And on Instagram, for example, there’s more than 7% engagement per campaign, showing that Black Friday campaigns increase engagement with the brands.

Advice for success on Black Friday using influencers

The first thing we need to do is be very clear about the target audience we’re trying to reach and, from there, select the influencers and micro-influencers that best fit the campaign.

They can be divided by category and by age, according to the public that we want to reach.

It’s best to show the influencers actually using the product and/or service rather than showing an ad or video about the brand.  This shows the product to their followers in a much more natural manner.

Doing a number of campaigns leading up to Black Friday about the same product will make the anticipation start to grow.

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And if that’s not enough, next Monday is Cyber Monday, which follows the same dynamic of revolutionary discounts but for online purchases.