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Keys to a Successful Marketing Strategy Using Social Media

Social media is powerful tool and brands know it.  That’s why they’re turning more and more to influencer marketing, –  the successful strategy that lets companies reach into any corner of the market using influencers.

We already know that consumers trust the opinions of their friends and family more than those of anybody else.  That’s why influencers and micro influencers are used to attract the target audience.

But, what steps are needed to build a successful marketing strategy on social media?

For our strategy to be successful on social media, we need to follow a series of steps which, when taken together, will launch our campaign over the top.

Set your objectives:  The first thing we have to consider is what our brand needs and, from there, understand the objectives of the campaign.  That allows us to focus on achieving our objectives and doing everything necessary to make it happen.  

Identify your target public:  Once we know what’s needed to get our strategy started, we have to focus on which target audience we want to reach.  This will determine which influencer profile we select.  We can choose to target the general public or we can have a campaign which is only interested in reaching a specific niche.  It all depends on our objective.

Select the influencers:  Next, it’s time to contact the influencers we want to be the spokespersons for our brand.  We can use influencers or micro influencers.  This latter group will segment your audience more specifically, they are usually more economical, and they provide greater visibility.    Look to specialized platforms like, which provides everything we need for our campaign.

Select the social media channel:  It’s also important to decide which social media channel best fits our campaign, or whether we should use several channels.  For example, it’s not the same doing a campaign with a lot of visual content, where it would be preferable to use Instagram, if what we are looking for is sharing a specific message or making a hashtag go viral, in which case we should use Twitter.

Launch your campaign and analyze the statistics:   Once we have everything under control, launch the campaign and wait for the results.  With the statistics we can actually see what our reach has been, the impact, and if we’ve hit our objective.

It’s already been proven that influencer marketing provides a significant benefit to companies.  It increases the visibility of their brand, it awakens the users’ interest and it builds loyalty with consumers.  

So, now we know.  Look for the perfect influencers and you can achieve the perfect reach.