Marketing para niños

Marketing strategies for children

Many parents become influenced by their children preferences when buying the product of one brand or another. Conquering the children’s mind has become key in marketing.

The first thing to do is analyse what age range we want to target. For example, children of ages between 3 and 8 are more exposed to television, so focusing our campaign on them will be a great idea.

How to get to children

  • Use children cartoons. Children will feel more attracted to a product that is related to their favourite character. Use them when creating your campaign!
  •  Do not forget the wrapping. Children are not always rational and they choose what is more visually attractive, so using bright colours and drawings will be great.
  • Children love presents, so if you include one in your product you will more easily attract them. This is what many food chains do, including collectable presents on their children meals.

– Word-of-mouth is also very important for children. They want what other children have, so you could for example show in your website or store how your product works.

Internet to get their attention

Children are increasingly more attracted on the Internet. Although social networks like Facebook do not allow opening a profile before you turn 13, children’s exposure to the network is very high.

According to a study by Smarty Pants the favourite brand of children between 6 and 12 is Apple, overtaking even Disney, Toys R Us or McDonald’s. We must make use of this in our advertising campaigns. But how?

Captar la atención de los niños por internet

  • Use TV advertisements to encourage children to participate in your product. A good example of this was Tosta Rica, which asked children to send drawings that the company would include on their next biscuits. This made children feel the main protagonists of the product.
  • Make a design competition for your next campaign. Ask children to make designs or drawings and mention the winner in your next advertisement.
  • Create a specific site on your website for videogames where children can be in touch with your brand at the same time that they have fun.
  • Create funny videos that children can watch through YouTube Kids channel and explain how the product works.

Although the final decision will go for the parents, taking children into account when designing your campaign will mean a great success.