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Everything you need to know about Metricool

Have you ever wondered how Community Managers manage multiple Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok accounts for clients without messing around or getting crazy. Well there are multiple websites that will help you manage your accounts on Social Media and one of these amazing tools is Metricool. 

Probably you are thinking: What is Metricool?. Is it the best value for your money?

But no worries because by the end of this review, you’ll know the answer, including whether it suits your business’s needs.


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What is metricool?

Metricool was launched in 2016 by two Spanish software experts, Juan Pablo Tejela and Laura Montells.

Over the years, Metricool has continually added (and adapted) features for social media marketers and entrepreneurs, for example, being one of the first to enable direct scheduling on TikTok which is very useful for brands and companies. 

Today, the platform is trusted by leading brands, including Peugeot, Adidas, Volvo, McDonald’s, and Warner Music Group.

Metricool is a tool used to measure your content on social media accounts, online ad campaigns and to schedule content.

All of this is gathered in one place and your performance can be compared and easily analyzed against those of your competitors to provide insights on how to improve digital strategy.

You can also  arrange, organize, and optimize your content strategy based on levels of audience response.


What features does Metricool offer?

Metricool is a tool to manage all of your social media communications, posts, and content. What can you do on Metricool?

  • Brands (blogs and websites)
  • Social media analytics)
  • Automated reports
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social media publishing
  • AI text generator (AI writing assistance)
  • SmartLinks
  • Integrations

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How much does Metricool cost?

Metricool offers four different types of plans according to your needs: Free, Starter, Advanced, and Enterprise.  Naturally, each plan includes differing features, benefits, and usage limits.

Let’s see the benefits of each one

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The Free plan is currently free for life. It comes with the following features:

  • Allows you to connect one profile from each social platform (except LinkedIn)
  • The analysis of five competitor profiles
  • You can scheduled 50 posts per month
  • Access to your social media statistics with three months of historical data
  • One SmartLink

The Starter plan starts at $22 per month on the monthly payment or $18 per month on the annual subscription.

  • You can add 5 brands, each with an individual set of social network profiles, including LinkedIn for your social media strategy
  • You can schedule 2000 pieces of content per month
  • Analysis of 100 competitor profiles 
  • Downloadable reports
  • Multiple smartlinks
  • Access to unlimited historical data via analytics for your social media posts

The Advanced plan starts at $54 per month on the monthly payment or $45 per month on the annual subscription. 

  • You can add 15 brands
  • You can schedule 5000 pieces of content per month
  • Unlimited team access, including the management of roles
  • Customizable templates and reports
  • Other integrations as Looker Studio or Zapier.

The Enterprise plan starts at $172 per month on the monthly payment or $139 per month on the annual subscription. 

  • You can add 50 brands
  • You can schedule 10.000 pieces of content per month
  • White label functionality

Pros and Cons of Metricool

Metricool is one of the best social media management platforms, but as all platforms it has its weaknesses too. Here are the biggest pros and cons of using Metricool as your main management platform.

Metricool pros

  • Brands. Allows you to easily view multiple websites or blogs and their associated social platforms in the same space. Also metricool provides update features and makes it easy to connect various networks.
  • Inbox: This feature provides a simple way to communicate with your audience without the spam, distractions, and the issue of logging into different accounts–it’s everything you need in the same place. 
  • Content planner. An excellent customizable social media scheduling tool that allows you to plan months of content, edit on the go, and make use of the video and image editor.
  • SmartLinks. Get multiple links in the bio on all paid plans to boost your ROI and traffic. You can redirect your audience anywhere you need to.
  • Competitive research. Enables you to access data on up to 100 competitors. In addition, you can view social media analytics across eight social media networks.
  • Analytics. Metricool provides complete analytics. But it supports more platforms than other tools we’ve tested. 

Metricool cons

  • The Hashtag Tracker You have to pay $9.99 a day individually for Instagram and Twitter works out at $599.40 monthly, which is quite expensive.
  • Reporting templates. Customizable templates are only available on the Advanced plan.
  • Team access. It’s restricted to the Advanced and higher tiers.


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