Six Creative Ways to Use GIFs in Instagram Stories

Do you already use Instagram GIFs in your Stories?  Probably you do, but are you really taking advantage of their full potential? Today we’re going to review some creative ways to incorporate GIFs into your Stories and really give them that extra special something.

And if you haven’t yet used GIFs in Instagram, they appear after you create or select your Instagram Stories post. Just swipe up and choose the “GIF” sticker.  Then look for what you want!

GIFs to guide

If you can add links to your stories, then GIFs are a reminder to users that if they scroll up, they can access your blog or buy whatever you’re showing.

Similarly, you can also motivate them to continue seeing your stories. The problem?   These types of GIFs are often horrible and can contrast too much with your visual style and overpower it.

GIFs in videos

Inserting a GIF in a video (and having it look good) is complicated, especially if the camera moves.  Instagram knows this, so they let you to choose the time and place where the video will appear. You just have to keep pressing down and you can choose the GIF you want. It is very intuitive.

GIFs that complement the content

You can use these GIFs as details that bring more life to a photo and thus make it more interesting.

The key is that the GIF cannot be annoying, but instead it should provide a unique touch. And as you know,  don’t go overboard with the GIFs! 

GIFs that complement your text

To highlight your text, you can use a GIF which shines at the end of a word to give it more power and have people notice it. Have we overdone it with the glitter?

GIFs and Selfies

Do you want to upload a selfie but you don’t find it special enough? Maybe a GIF will give you that extra something you’re looking for. Or perhaps you love the selfie but you have something in your teeth!  Use a good GIF to cover it up!

How to use your own GIFs on Instagram

To use your own GIFs on Instagram, you will have to verify your Giphy account and upload them there with a transparent background. If everything is ok, they will appear in the Instagram search engine when you type in the name of the account.

If you have a company or you’re going to organize an event, your own unique GIFs will motivate people to create stories and this will attract the attention of your followers. And don’t forget to use apps for Instagram Stories that will make your stories even more visual and attractive to your followers