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The 5 most bizarre Internet challenges

Some challenges are for charity, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, others are for fun, like the What The Fluff Challenge, and others are so unusual that our ancestors would not believe them. Let’s see some of the strangest and weirdest challenges carried out on the internet:

1 – Eat it or wear it challenge

What would a challenge be without food? The classic Cinnamon challenge, eating onions and wasabi, or finding out how many marshmallows you can  put in your mouth, are some of the examples that have entertained us on numerous occasions.

Giving it a twist, the “Eat It or Wear It” challenge proposes that what we don’t want to eat, we have to wear.  That means if you hate mustard, you’ll have to wear it,- on your arm, your head, or someplace.  The same thing goes for chili peppers, a strip of bacon, dog food, and so on. The end result can be unforgettable. Highly recommended for families!

2 – Condom Challenge

Surely you have seen this more than once, because it spread around the world  and many top influencers tried it. But as much as it went viral,  it’s still VERY weird.  Who came up with it originally anyway? And if we start talking about the “Snorting Condom Challenge”, we lose a little bit of our faith in humanity.

3 – Phone pinching

This trend from a few years ago has caused a lot of anxiety. It was inspired by a video of the group Twenty One Pilots, and consisted of holding the cell phone with just two fingers somewhere where it was at risk. Horrible.

4 – Coins in clavicles… challenge?

China is positioned as the top exporter of strange challenges and this one  is focused on posture. In this case, the challenge was to see how many coins you could put in your collarbone. The more coins, the better you look, apparently.

5 – Hundred layer challenge

This was a major trend among makeup and fashion influencers. As the name says, it was based on applying 100 layers of different things such as lipstick, base, nail polish, false eyelashes, t-shirts, etc.  This is a show, as you can see:

What will be next? We propose something healthier, such as the “Meditate for 10 Minutes Challenge” or the “Eat Five Pieces of Fruit a Day Challenge”. And if you can’t think of any challenge to create, read our post about how to do challenges for influencer marketing campaigns and get some ideas..

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