how to do tiktok challenges

How to do TikTok challenges for your campaigns?

TikTok is much more than a platform for teenagers. Even before the pandemic, it was one of the fastest-growing social platforms on the planet. That’s why brands have set their eye on developing their marketing strategies on TikTok. One of the most viral and effective formats on this platform are challenges. If you combine it with the right influencer marketing campaign, the process can be much faster and effective for your brand. SocialPubli is a specialized TikToker agency that can help you develop your campaigns and reach the right target audience.

Although it is very easy for content to go viral on this platform in an organic way, not all brands are able to achieve this. If you want to know how to create the perfect challenge on TikTok in order to gain exposure, to present a new product, or simply to give your brand a boost, keep reading this post.

What are TikTok challenges?

The TikTok challenges have been a viral phenomenon throughout the lockdown and even older users joined in on many famous challenges. Deadtime at home allowed many users to spend time practicing and brands were able to create highly original content.

A TikTok challenge is one in which a brand asks users to perform a certain action tagged under a single hashtag in order to gather all the videos being uploaded. The process is very simple, but it is necessary to add imagination and humor in order to appeal to users. Challenges can consist of dancing with catchy moves, make-up, costumes, jokes or any other fun actions you can think of.

How to make and use branded hashtags?

Just as on other social platforms, hashtags on TikTok are important for tagging information and common conversation topics. In the app’s search bar, users can search for other profiles, sounds, and hashtags as well. Thus, the function of hashtags is to tag specific content for users so that they can find them more easily.

So, if you want to be found easily on TikTok, what should you do? Obviously, hashtag your publications. This will help you make your content, and consequently your products, more visible, while also reinforcing your branding. Also, it’s a good way to gain followers quickly and reinforce your digital marketing strategies, thanks to how quickly things become viral.

To create a successful challenge, it is important to think of a hashtag that will stick. Concentrate on this point and don’t create any random hashtag. It should be easy to remember and pronounce, so we recommend that the name is related to the challenge itself and the brand.

TikTok’s most viral challenges


Who hasn’t ever dreamed of being on a magazine cover? This challenge could be your chance to make it happen. It consists of creating a template with a photo of you so that you look like you’re on the cover of Vogue magazine. The first thing you have to do is choose the picture or video you like best. Then edit the photo to include the Vogue logo, this can be done from different cell phone retouching apps or from Photoshop. There are different formats of the logo, you can also add filters, text or whatever you want. The last step is to go on TikTok and upload the post.


The #eyeslipsface challenge was promoted by the cosmetics brand e.l.f., whose acronym corresponds to the words “eyes”, “lips” and “face”. The challenge is accompanied by a song created exclusively for the campaign, about which users make a video showing. The motto that included this challenge is that e.l.f. is for all eyes, lips and faces.

The challenge was an instant success, becoming one of the fastest growing TikTok campaigns. TikTokers contributed almost 5 million videos, reaching 6 billion views. In addition, celebrities also joined the challenge organically, making it go even more viral.


For this challenge you don’t have to learn any TikTok dance moves to participate. It basically consists of encouraging people to invest in a crypto currency called Dogecoin, similar to Bitcoin, with the difference that Dogecoin started as a joke. The name itself is a reference to Doge, the Shiba Inu dog that you’ve probably seen in meme form all over the internet. Historically, Dogecoin has not been a valuable crypto-division, however, the joke seems to have worked. The price of Dogecoin almost doubled after the challenge. But according to TikTok’s crypto-currency fans, its low value is exactly what makes it ideal for investment at this time.


The rubber shoe brand Crocs launched its TikTok profile and by the week more than 100,000 people were following it. Not surprisingly, before that there were already some viral challenges on the platform related to those shoes. One of them was the shaving cream challenge, which consisted in filling a Croc with shaving cream and putting your foot inside so that the foam would come out of the holes. To keep up the momentum, Crocs launched a contest with the musician Post Malone, inspired by the song “I’m Gonna Be” with the lyrics, “Richard Mille my watch; thousand dollar Crocs “. The #ThousandDollarCrocs challenge encourages fans to post content on TikTok that shows what their $1,000 Crocs would look like by customizing them to their liking.


Many brands have already taken advantage of challenges, either to make themselves better known or to introduce new products, or have taken advantage of existing trends to go viral. The most important thing is to listen to your audience to know what you can hook them up with and create a challenge that provides extra entertainment value to the user. These challenges can be carried out by influencers from different sectors, like video game influencers or make-up influencers. There are many unique challenges circulating on the Internet which attract millions of followers, so go ahead and challenge your followers!