Los memes que nos han alegrado la vida en 2020.

The best memes that have outstanded this 2020

2020, in general, is not being a good year globally. On December 31st we all welcomed the new decade excited and thinking that something great was coming. No one could have expected that a global pandemic would paralyze our lives.

 However, in such a bad moment, we have managed to find a ray of light and find reasons to laugh. And where? Well, on social networks. And at SocialPubli we wanted to recover them all.

When 2020 changed all our plans

In May, after two months at home, many realized that 2020 was not what we had imagined on January 1st and that if we had plans, life was there to change them. And it became fashionable on twitter to compare our plans with what 2020 has really given us. And wonderful jewels came out.


Working from home is not what we expected

When we were told we were going to start working from home, our eyes lit up: family reconciliation, sleeping more, saving time on the way to work, being able to be comfortable working. It all seemed like advantages. But as with our plans, we have learned that not everything could be so idyllic.

Some have had to add to their work the work of caring for and entertaining their children. And no, it is not an easy task.

We’ve also found that comfort can make us look our worst version. And we had to be careful, because when we went out we could be scary. Even if we were already warned.


If we were very clear about other years, this has become more than evident: memes are necessary and they have come here to stay. In the middle of a pandemic we have managed to laugh thanks to them and find a point of positivity.