Brands and Influencers.

Tips to strengthen the relationship between brands and influencers

Collaborations between influencers and brands are vital and increasingly frequent advertising activities in digital marketing strategies. However, it is essential that there’s a good working chemistry. For this reason, at SocialPubli we give you 7 tips to strengthen the relationship between brands and influencers.

1- Select the right influencers










Although influencers with a huge number of followers or macro influencers may seem like good options to collaborate with, it never hurts to carry out prior research to find medium-sized or micro-influencers who have greater engagement or an audience according to what brands want to sell. Normally, niche communities react more positively than large ones made up of all types of users. In the same way, the influencer should investigate the brand and its reputation to see if the collaboration could be advantageous.

2- Contact carefully and respectfully

While presenting a possible collaboration, whether you are a brand or an influencer, you must take into account the needs of the opposite party in the relationship, so you will have to offer conditions that add value to the offer. You must reach an agreement that enables a long-term relationship, since repeated actions will benefit the growth of both parties more than specific collaborations.

3- Explain in detail the type of the working relationship

You must avoid misunderstandings, so in your proposal you must explain in detail what the type of relationship or collaboration will be like. For example, if it is a paid offer, a product exchange per post or a gift that the influencer can show or not if they wish. Either way, influencers and brands must sign a contract in which the timings, the briefing of the campaign and the responsibilities of each one are fixed.

4- Analyze channels and platform before publishing











We must not only look for the type of influencer or company that fits our values, products or services, we must also analyze the different social networks and their differences between them to find the best platform with the highest percentage of audience that interests us. The target or target audience may vary depending on the channel, even if the profiles belong to the same influencer. It is preferable to select the most convenient than to try several random ones.

5- Leave remuneration well planned

In case of choosing a paid collaboration, the brand must establish some guidelines to follow in the communication department to adjust the delivery times and the uploading of publications. In principle, the influencer should be given creative freedom so that they can choose the type of publication they want to upload, but carrying out a prior review is advisable to avoid problems.

6- Invite influencers to events

To improve the relationship between brands and influencers, we can maintain contact through the internet, but we can also schedule events in which both companies and influencers can get to know each other better and interact in a closer and more human way. Some examples of events of this type would be creative workshops to show the brand’s products or guided tours of the company’s facilities.

At SocialPubli we held a party last December 2022 with the intention of strengthening the relationship with our influencers and thanking them for their participation in our campaigns with brands.

Check it out in this article.

7- Use platforms

Both companies and influencers must know the marketing sector in which they operate. Influencer Marketing is made up of a series of strategies aimed at maintaining and improving the relationship between influencers and brands, so studying these different actions and applying them will be crucial to produce a fruitful and long-term collaboration between both parties.

One of the most effective solutions to facilitate the meeting of influencers and brands is to use a connection platform like SocialPubli, since we facilitate contact and the correct selection of interests of influencers fro brands. We save time for both the company and the influencer and we control that the campaign is carried out properly.