Top 5 travel influencer for your campaigns

Digital tourism has revolutionized the way brands connect with their audiences. Travel influencers, with their ability to inspire and communicate, have become key to the success of marketing campaigns. At SocialPubli, we introduce you to the most engaging travel influencers of 2024, perfect for taking your brand to new destinations.

Top Travel Influencers of 2024

1. Renee Hahnel @reneeroaming

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Renee Hahnel, the spirited soul behind the almost 1M followers account Renee Roaming. Renee was born in Australia but now she lives in Seattle, she dedicates her content to show her community amazing trips,  outdoor exploration and adventure. Its mission is clear: to motivate travelers and thrill-seekers to lead a life full of purpose, valuing experiences over belongings.

Above all, she works hard to spread the message of the joy of exploring our beautiful world. Renee’s passion shines through in her book, “Roaming America,” and in her collection of photographic presets, along with her travel and outdoor guides. Her story is an inspiration to all who crave to enjoy the wonders of our planet.

2. Travis Burke @travisburkephotography

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Travis Burke is an accomplished photographer, athlete, public speaker, and explorer. Growing up passionate about skateboarding & surfing in California, Travis has always been known for pushing the limits of his art.

Travis discovered his passion for spending days offline in remote locations using photography as a way to stay a bit longer and connect deeper with nature. Burke’s dedication and ambition is to learn new trades enable him to create captivating imagery in innovative ways. As an enthusiastic freediver, skater and surfer, Travis now spends most of the year traveling and photographing all corners of the earth from underwater caves to nebulas in deep space, and everything in between.

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3. Kiki The Blonde Abroad @theblondeabroad

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Kiki is a Californian who left her career in business management in 2011 to embark on a summer of soul searching that would change the course of her life forever. Like many people, she was taught to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after, but realized she was living an unfulfilling and unhappy life. In 2011, she spent three months traveling through Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and New Zealand and experienced for the first time the power of solo travel.

Since then she spent the last decade sharing her personal journey and travel tips on this website with women around the world.

4. Alyssa Ramos @mylifesatravelmovie

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Alyssa Ramos is an adventurous travel influencer that has been travelling solo for the past 10 years to over 125 Countries, and all 7 Continents. 

She creates content helping people to create travel plans, tips and as an inspiration to everyone that wants to start solo travels.  His goal is to inspire her community  and give as much information as possible to make travel happen for you too!

5. Kristin Addis @bemytravelmuse

Kristin owns “Be My Travel Muse ” one of the world’s top women’s travel blogs in the world, with over 5 million annual readers.  She is based in America and she has been traveling solo for over 9 years. In her Social Media Platforms you will learn about saving money, having unique adventures, and the ultimate best tips to solo travel.

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