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7 Benefits of User Generated Content (UGC)

Currently users are the kings of content on the internet and social networks. Therefore, applying User Generated Content (UGC) strategies to the brand means to provide a series of more effective advantages if they are achieved through the interaction of communities on-line. At SocialPubli we explain the 7 benefits of User Generated Content that you must take into account to get the most out of it.

What is the User Generated Content (UGC)?

The UGC is the content generated voluntarily and spontaneously by the users of the network or followers of the brand. It is part of consumer-generated marketing, noted for using material created by the client.

Specifically, it can be any type of content expressed in any format: images, videos, texts, audios, podcasts, blogs, publications on social networks and digital platforms…

Brands can use this free content for their marketing campaigns and online strategies if permission has been granted by owner users.

A recent example of a UGC-based campaign was that of Spotify through the hashtag #SpotifyWrapped, as account owners of the music platform posted images of their most listened to songs of 2022. Every year the platform gains new customers thanks to this Visibility opportunity generated by the users themselves.

Another example of UGC that is very common in fashion or tourism companies are the photographs that consumers send to be used as examples of products and services on websites. In addition to having new visual resources, brands gain credibility, as users trust the opinion of other users more than the company’s own comments.

Advantages of User generated content (CGU)

1- Increases the credibility, trust and transparency of the brand.

UGC is generally better appreciated by users than content created and broadcast by the company itself. Therefore, commercial content takes a backseat in the interest of customers.

2- Demonstrate the value of the community.

Another benefit of User Generated Content appears if the brand shares user generated content, the community appreciates that consumers are taken into account. Strengthening the link between brand and users is very important to retain customers.

3- Differentiate from the competitors and increase visibility.

Improves brand positioning, since there is a greater presence in social networks and the effect of ”word of mouth” is enhanced, so free publicity is achieved as the users themselves are the ones who move and publish content related to the company. Also, if the comments are positive through praise and good reviews, the brand image is benefited.

4- Greater achievement is achieved.

One of the most important advantages of CGU is related to the increase in engagement. The followers of the brand and potential customers motivate other users to interact with the company’s accounts, so participation in the profiles is greater than if only their own content is created. New users interested in the products and services arrive and the followers of the company accounts increase.

5- More brand ambassadors emerge and purchase decisions are favored.

Users who recommend the company’s products or services have a greater power of conviction than the brand itself. This boosts sales, profits and the number of satisfied customers.

6- You can get to know better your target audience.

UCG strategies can serve as a way to find out if consumers are satisfied with the ways of acting of the brand. Their behaviors can be analyzed to better understand their tastes and needs.

7- Advertising is done with low investment.

Finally, the most important benefit of UGC at the investment level is that user-generated content marketing has a low cost. UGC based on a good idea produces high ROI results, as well as adding traffic to the company’s website and more conversions.

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