Brand Detector: The AI of SocialPubli

Discovering the magic of Brand Detector: The AI of SocialPubli

Juan Antonio Roncero, Director of Innovation at SocialPubli, shared fascinating details about Brand Detector, our innovative AI. In this article we will tell you how Brand Detector works, the reason for its development, the challenges we faced in its creation and the exciting future possibilities for this artificial intelligence and influencer marketing in general.

How Brand Detector works?

Brand Detector is a tool that identifies brands in three main sections of influencers’ content: the caption on the posts, images or videos on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, and the paid advertising.

  1. The text that complements the post: The first stage of the process is quite simple. We use natural language programming techniques to search for mentions of brands in the text. This part of the analysis was really easy compared to image or video analysis.
  2. Pictures or videos: This is where the real magic of AI comes in. Thanks to advances in machine learning and image recognition, we apply models that can identify objects within images. These models are able to read these objects to recognize specific landmarks when they appear. Video analysis is even more complex, as it requires a lot of
    knowledge in computing to process each frame and extract the relevant information.
  3. Paid advertising: We also browse and categorize META’s advertising databases. If an influencer is mentioned in a paid ad, we add that content to our data. This is extremely valuable because it provides visibility into advertising that is not immediately obvious on influencers’ feeds, but has a significant impact on brand perception.

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The need to develop Brand Detector

“The idea for Brand Detector came from a constant need of our clients. They often asked us to manually review each influencer’s content involved in campaigns. This work included verifying that they did not work with competitors, that they did not have exclusivity with other brands, and that we could see which brands they used on a daily basis. This manual process could take up to 10 hours in specific cases. The automation of this analysis through AI not only saves time, but also improves precision and efficiency, which is crucial for the reputation of advertisers,” said Juan Antonio Roncero.

A three-year journey

For Mr. Roncero, “The development of Brand Detector has not been an easy road. We started planning this product three years ago, facing both human and technological obstacles. For example, putting together a motivated technological team to develop this solution was a huge challenge. There were developers who abandoned the project due to changes in their personal lives, such as relocations or illness.

From a technological perspective, early versions of Brand Detector were incredibly slow. Training a model to recognize a single brand in images could take up to five hours, consuming a considerable amount of resources. However, with the evolution of technology, we now have faster processors, more efficient cloud storage and much more advanced image processing APIs, making this product finally viable.”

The future of Brand Detector and influencer marketing

“Brand Detector has huge potential for the future. We are working on creating analytics groups so brands can spot investment opportunities more efficiently. For example, a luxury brand can analyze the “top golfers” group to see which brands they use organically and decide what kind of sponsorship to do. We can also generate detailed reports on the visibility of brands at specific events, providing a global view that would be almost impossible to obtain without this tool.

The next natural step for Brand Detector and influencer marketing in general is to continue improving our analytical and predictive capabilities. We want to help brands better understand the impact of their investments and find new growth opportunities in the dynamic world of social media,” Juanan tells us excited about this project.

In summary, Brand Detector is transforming the way brands interact with influencers and their audience, taking analytics and marketing strategy to a new level of precision and efficiency. The future is bright for those willing to embrace innovation in influencer marketing!


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