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SocialPubli Academy: How to create an influencer brand identity

In the world of digital marketing, every influencer needs much more than a name: a personal brand with a recognizable corporate visual identity. This identity not only helps influencers stand out from the crowd, but also enhances their collaborations with brands by sharing recognition and credibility.

 Today, at SocialPubli Academy, we will tell you why it is important for influencers to have a recognizable brand identity and why brands, by choosing influencers with a good positioning and a clear and distinguished tone, will achieve better results in their campaigns.

Brand Identity and Personal Branding: Perfect Match

The union between a powerful brand and a content creator with a strong identity can be highly beneficial. When they come together, brands bring relevance to the influencer, while the influencer brings humanity and legitimacy to the brand. This productive exchange strengthens both the brand and the content creator, creating a beneficial relationship for both.

 How do you know if an influencer brand has a strong identity?

  1. Clarity in the message: An influencer with a strong identity has a clear and consistent message that resonates with their audience.
  2. Visual consistency: The visual identity must be uniform across all platforms, from colors to the style of photos and graphics.
  3. Authentic commitment: The influencer’s followers must genuinely interact with their content, demonstrating a real bond.

Here are some practical tips on how to identify if an influencer brand has a strong identity and how to strengthen its weak points.

Build a consistent digital footprint

  • Consistency in all platforms: Make sure your username is the same on all platforms. This makes it easier for users to find and recognize you.
  • Distinctive elements: If your name is common, add an element that distinguishes you. For example, “Pedro Perez the DJ” should not be confused with “Pedro Perez the Psychologist”.
  • Positive search results: It is crucial that searches for your name on the Internet show your own publications or well-known publications that speak of you in a positive or, at least, neutral way. This builds a solid and trustworthy reputation.

Follow accounts with similar niche to yours

Social media algorithms rely on your community to rank your content. By following users in your industry or with similar interests, you signal to the algorithm that you are part of a specific activity, helping to validate your posts in that niche. This not only improves your visibility, but also connects you with a more relevant and engaged audience.

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Work your publications as a unified whole

To solidify your brand identity as an influencer, each element must be part of a single integrated system:

  • Consistency in the language: If you use colloquial language, keep that style in all your publications. Avoid switching to technical and formal language, as this can confuse your audience.
  • Consistent visuals: The visuals of your publications should be similar and easily identifiable with you. Use a color palette and graphic style that is directly associated with your brand.
  • Coherent music: Limit the musical styles you use to prevent your audience from getting distracted and failing to associate the songs with you. This helps create an engaging listening experience that complements your visual and verbal identity.

 Accepting collaborations with some brands and rejecting others is also part of your personal brand.

One of the most important aspects of an influencer ‘s career is the choice of brands they collaborate with. This choice not only affects the perception of followers, but also defines the integrity and consistency of their brand identity.

A good example of this is Dome Lipa, the Mexican influencer with 24 million followers on social networks, has proven to be very natural with her community and has demonstrated consistency and authenticity to maintain a strong personal brand. 

Dome Lipa is known for her fresh and youthful content, reflecting a vibrant and authentic lifestyle. She has collaborated with numerous brands, but is very selective with the ones she chooses. She is also always very honest when talking about not only brands but beauty procedures, travel and experiences which means that despite having a large following, her community values her opinion as authentic.

The influencer has rejected collaborations with product brands that she considers unhealthy or that do not align with her lifestyle. Instead, she prefers to work with brands that promote health, sustainability and authenticity. This consistency has strengthened her brand identity and made her followers trust her recommendations more.

However, when he accepts a partnership, he commits to meet the brand’s expectations, demonstrating professionalism and consistency.

The importance of coherence in partnerships

Audiences tend to associate influencers with certain types of brands and products. If you suddenly do something that has nothing to do with your positioning, you could generate rejection. It is important to maintain consistency so as not to lose the trust of your followers. Similarly, brands should be interested in partnering with content creators who are aligned with their values and mission. This affinity guarantees a more authentic and effective collaboration.


To help influencers better choose the brands they collaborate with, SocialPubli has developed Brand Detector, a tool that analyzes which brands other influencers like. Using this tool can make it easier to find collaborations aligned with your brand identity. Here you can learn more about how Brand Detector works.



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