Ideas to create your biography on Instagram

Ideas to create your biography on Instagram

Introducing yourself to new people often can be scary or complicated. Well now imagine doing that but online and with only 147 characters, that’s a challenge! Do you know what I am talking about? Yes you right, we are talking about the Instagram bio! In this post we are going to talk about how you can get the most out of your Instagram bio for your content or business. But before we teach you the ultimate best tips and some inspo for your bio let’s start with the basis.

What is an Instagram bio?

A bio on Instagram is a description of your account. Basically it’s a snapshot of your Instagram account and a quick way to show users who you are and what you’re about.

Because of the limited character count, an Instagram bio needs to be easy to read and informative but at the same time don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Emojis and being creative is completely fine, even for professionals using the platform.

When building up your bio try asking yourself these questions both for creators or business:

  • What is your purpose?
  • How about your brand/content personality: Funny? Serious? Informative? Playful?
  • What are your special skills?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What is the first thing you want people to do after they visit your profile?

Last but not least: Your bio must include a clear and compelling call to action. Also a good call to action must follow with a link on your bio to send people to a page where they can buy your products, or might find new or different content

Ideas to create your biography on Instagram

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Some ideas for creators and brands


In the following page you will have already made captions ready to use just in case you need a baseline to start building yours.

Use cool fonts stand out

Using different fonts for your instagram bio is a really good way to stand out technically, you can only use one “font” but there are tools out there that will help you create the look of a custom font by mapping your text to existing special characters.


Once you find a font style you like, just copy and paste it into your Instagram bio.

Use symbols

Using emojis and symbols are a good way to get attention from new people visiting your account. Symbols are now a trend. It gives you that old-school look that especially for creators using symbols can give you a very unique look in your bio. Also for brands it could be helpful to organize your bio and content.

The easiest ways to find symbols are opening a Google Doc then click Insert and choose Special characters or Copy and Paste symbols from this page called “CoolSymbols” 


Ideas to create your biography on Instagram


Add a link to all your social media

You get one clickable link in your Instagram bio. Since you can’t use clickable links in Instagram feed posts (unless you’re using Instagram ads or Instagram Shopping), your bio link is valuable real estate

You might want to link to other platforms, content, a special campaign, or a landing page of your business.

You can also use Instagram tools like Linktree to set up a mobile landing page with multiple links. With this free and useful tool you don’t have to keep editing and updating the link on your Instagram bio.


Add a category

Choosing a category on your Instagram page will tell people what you do. This appears under your name and can help people see what you do at a glance and also save you some space from your bio as you don´t need to repeat this information. However, it only appears in the mobile view, so you can’t assume everyone will see it.

This can be used for business or creators as Instagram offers a wide options of categories so you can decide if your account is a content creator, a videogame or a restaurant. 


Add your location

This feature is particularly useful for businesses: customers will want to know who (and where) they’re buying from. Also it can be easier for possible customers to find you and possibly buy in your store. 

When you add your address to your Instagram business profile, it also appears below your bio. This is another great way to free up space but as we say it early your address only shows up on mobile. 


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