The power of microinfluencers

Microinfluencers, the commitment of brands in 2023

A loyal community, their specialization in a specific niche and high engagement in their social profiles make microinfluencers, the commitment of brands in 2023.

It is increasingly common to see how brands seek success in their campaigns by hiring influencers with fewer followers but with more interaction on their social channels.

In addition, brands value those content generators that are focused on very specific communities and quite specific niches and that is why this 2023 they will be, yes or yes, part of the marketing strategies.

One of the outstanding characteristics of micro-influencers is that they are authentic, real, familiar and are the protagonists of a marketing staple of a lifetime: word of mouth.

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The secret to the success of microinfluencers

  • They are specialists in their niche, and they focus on generating valuable content related to it.
  • They are found by categories or segments such as: fashion, marketing, gaming, lifestyle or health micro-influencers.
  • They have an excellent relationship and closeness with their community, and their active listening is permanent, which allows them to have a much more personalized treatment with their followers.
  • Their communities are very loyal, and their posts have a very high engagement.
  • They enjoy credibility and a good reputation, which makes their communities loyal and believe in their messages.
  • In economic terms, micro-influencers are accessible to small businesses that do not have high budgets.

Hw to know if you are a microinfluencer?


  1. Accounts with social networks with modest communities (less than ten thousand fans).
  2. You have a very powerful prescriptive power.
  3. You only collaborate with related brands. In other words, you only work with companies that are in line with your lifestyle and have the same values ​​as you.
  4. Your communities believe in you at all times and love to interact with your posts.
  5. Your messages are close and you identify with the needs and tastes of your followers.
  6. You don’t pay to get a high number of followers, but you do take care of the ones you have.

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Microinfluencers, the commitment of brands in 2023

The role of micro-influencers as prescribers is very relevant to their entire environment such as friends, family, etc. Therefore, the recommendation that a micro-influencer makes with his community, has a qualitative impact on his closest circle.

The success of this type of collaborators lies in the trust, reach and engagement that they generate naturally. As a consequence, their recommendation is perceived sincerely and, consequently, effectively, creating profitability in economic terms. This closeness with which they carry out communications translates into quality impacts, so desired by brands.

This is the main difference they have with celebrities or macro-influencers: their transparency to recommend products or services. On many occasions, we see social media stars posting a brand-sponsored post every day. This saturation can be counterproductive: they are not perceived as natural collaborations and, as a consequence, users move away from the brand.

How to make a profitable marketing strategy

Now that you know what micro-influencers are like, it’s time to start designing an effective influencer marketing strategy:

  • Thanks to the categorization that users themselves choose when they register at, brands can identify the most like-minded people for their campaigns. Therefore, the impacts you receive thanks to that user sharing your content will be more qualitative: your community will perceive it as an honest recommendation.
  • Brands need naturalness and clarity when launching their messages. For this reason, these influencers become the ideal vehicle to get their campaigns across. In this way, they will achieve a digital and very effective “word of mouth” movement.
  • However, the essential thing is to be clear about the objectives that we have as brands and what audience we want to reach. Similarly, be clear about the message we want to convey and the budget we want to invest.

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Influencer marketing continues to grow

According to statistics from a study conducted by MarketingHub, up to 93% of marketers collaborate with influencers, and 89% of them still want to do so in 2023. Why? Because people trust influencers. More than 80% of consumers are more likely to buy products promoted by influencers.

“There are large companies that understand the value of small opinion leaders and are already hiring them to conquer new markets. Micro-influencers do not ensure that millions of people will receive the message, but the thousands that consume it are potential customers,” he says. Gerardo Sordo, CEO and founder of BrandMe.

The expert adds that working with these little celebrities has great advantages. One of them, and perhaps the most important for companies, is the low investment they represent, that is, with a small budget many micro-influencers can be hired.

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