Must have: Apps que te ayudarán con tu perfil de Instagram

Must have: Apps that will help you with your Instagram profile

Instagram is the queen social network of influencers. It is still the favorite for brands and advertisers and that is why it is important to take care of all the details on this social network. And the best allies to have everything perfectly worked on our profile are mobile apps that will help us in everything.

The everyday: Instagram stories

When Instagram launched the stories it did so with the intention of showing in them our most natural and spontaneous facet. However, the possibility of downloading the photos we take from this application, uploading photos from the reel, etc., opens up a world of possibilities to improve their quality.

Not to mention the filters that the application itself has introduced and that allows us to play, put on costumes, have Shrek or a dog in our living room and look prettier in the photos.

With all these possibilities, and taking into account that now you can leave the stories forever through the highlights, it is important to take care of every detail. And for that, you can use different applications.

If the Instagram filters are not enough and you want to explore new avenues and surprise your followers, Adobe has just launched Photoshop Camera for free and with a format reminiscent of story filters in that, you can use different forms, aesthetic touch-ups, original backgrounds, etc. Take advantage now that it has just come out and few people know it to be one of the pioneers in uploading these creations to Instagram.

There are more options to create original stories. One of the most popular applications is Unfold, an app that allows you to add colored frames, make collages of different photos for stories, and personalize backgrounds, as well as add texts with different fonts. Its free version already includes enough options, which are greatly expanded in your payment option. Something worthwhile if you want to take advantage of this Instagram format.

Similar to this application, Canva has released an exclusive application for stories, called Canva stories and that has dozens of story collections for you to make original creations and surprise your followers.

In this sense, there is also Mojo, which not only allows you to decorate with frames and texts but also allows you to make animations with them, giving a very elaborate style to what you post on Instagram stories. Of course, in a very simple way.


Your wall should communicate beyond your photos

Many times we think that only our pose in a photo of what we show in it is what is important. But it is a myth that we must bury since there are many factors that influence the impression we will make with our Instagram profile. So let’s review some applications that can help us in this regard.

If you want to have a very cared profile and you like photography, one of the first apps that you should have is Lighroom. It is one of the best applications in this regard since it allows modifying different image parameters to achieve natural but very careful results. Furthermore, the application has the option of saving presets created by yourself. In this sense, if you have several photos in the same environment, with similar light, you can save the preset of the first edited photo that you liked and replicate the edition in the others, something that will greatly shorten the processes.

If you want to simplify it even more, you have the option of using another of the most popular applications, VSCOcam, which includes a wide catalog of free presets. Of course, to make it more natural we recommend you lower the intensity of the preset and even modify settings beyond the selected effect.

Both in Lightroom and VSCOcam you can buy presets. In the case of Lightroom, many influencers and photographers have their own edits that they sell and share with their followers. In VSCOcam you can buy presets packages for a small price and they will give you a differential point.

And speaking of presets, another application to consider is Tezza. The app is developed by the influencer with the same name and the filters have very original tones, which can help to create a very similar Feed regarding shades and that favor a lot if your thing is to bet on beauty.

If you need more creative tools than just presets and filters, you can try Instasize. Not only does Instasize offer you a wide range of image editing possibilities, it also lets you do more than the average editing app. You can create collages, add border styles that range from colors, gradients, to separate photos entirely. You can also add stylized text onto your images using tasteful and trendy fonts. If you are an iOS user, you can also edit videos and use Beauty Tools to retouch your selfies before posting.


Finally, you can download applications to see how your feed would be organized and thus program the publications so that not only are they aesthetic and beautiful, but everything is uniform when users and brands access your profile. Remember that everything communicates. An example of a suitable application for this purpose is the Preview app.


In addition to downloading and testing all these applications in order to see which one best suits your style, remember to review previous posts in which we tell you the best time to post on Instagram or how to have your Instagram profile optimized for being a top influencer on this platform.