SocialPubli Academy: Summer photos for influencers and brands

Knowing how to pose in beach photos if you are an influencer or how this type of content should be created if you are a brand, will boost the results of your influencer marketing campaigns. Here are some tips for your summer photos to get interactions and be rewarded by social media algorithms.

Pictures of influencers with products on the beach

The first thing to ask yourself is does it make sense for a product to be advertised in a summer context and, specifically, on the beach? Not all products go well with summer photos.

 If it is clothing, sun screen, shampoos, drinks or snacks, it is quite possible that this collaboration makes sense. If this is the case, the next step is to evaluate how to show it in order to enhance its value.

Suits the product and the environment for photos on the beach

Take care of the looks of the product, for example people in the photo, managing elements such as the position of the light, the highlights, the shadows and the angle that you will make with your device at the moment of capturing the image. Keep in mind that some factors improve with editing, but others cannot be modified once captured.

  • Look for a cloudy spot or a spot where the sun does not hit so directly.
  • Have the light come from the photographer’s back, to avoid backlighting.
  • Take advantage of the early morning or late afternoon hours to avoid the sun falling too low and causing unwanted shadows on the objects. A sunset on the beach is always easier to capture in photos than midday, for example.

 Make flattering photographic compositions

Play with the landscape following the two easiest laws to create eye-pleasing compositions and framing.

  • Rule of thirds: Imagine that the photo is divided into three parts and that the person or object occupies two of those parts.For beach photos as for any other, this is a simple way to show the viewer unconsciously what is the most interesting part of the photo, where to focus his or her attention.
  • Triangle rule: Look for an element that serves as a “reference” when composing your photo. For example, a palm tree or a person taller than the rest if several appear.

As an additional tip, if you photograph the horizon, make sure it is straight. This will give an added professional touch to the image.

socialpubli academy how to take good photos

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Polarizing filter: the ultimate trick for summer photos

A polarizing filter is a small accessory that you put in front of the lens of your camera or cell phone and changes the way colors on the beach are captured, giving them a greater vibrancy and tint that most lenses do not capture on their own.

 Here is an example of one that you can buy on several e-commerce websites. Take a look at the before and after pictures provided by the manufacturer.


tip for brand and influencers

Product placement and influencer marketing makes sense?

Should the influencer appear using or holding the product? As a general rule, yes. Each content creator’s audience wants to see them in action and learn about their adventures, so they most often expect them to appear directly interacting with the brands they advertise.

 However, it’s not all about simply choosing the influencer of the moment (in the case of brands) for a collaboration; or accepting any collaboration that appears on the horizon. 

Selecting profiles that really use and have affinity with the brands is very important to generate credible content, with engagement and good performance.

That’s why at SocialPubli we have created Brand Detector, an AI that analyzes the photos and videos that content creators upload to their social networks, identifying the brands they use in real life. 

If you want to see how Brand Detector works, you can see it here: Brand Detector 

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